Sidekicks Shoes: Self Esteem that You Can Fit in Your Purse

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For many of us, the shoes we choose to wear – from sky high heels and wedges to stylish Sidekicks foldable ballet flats and cozy slippers – are so much more than purely practical footwear. Our shoes say something about who we are and can be a way to tell the world how we feel about ourselves. Or, sometimes, the shoes we wear express not so much the person we think we are, as the person we would like to be. In other words, those snazzy stilettos and fabulous folding flats can boost our self-esteem and help us feel good about ourselves.

Indeed, for people who struggle to hold onto their self-esteem, a fabulous pair of heels can make an incredible, if temporary, world of difference. But providing your feet with comfortable shoes is a loving act towards yourself. Life coach and author Lara Heacock explains in The Evolution of Self Love as Seen by My Shoes.

Sidekicks Shoes Are the Perfect Blend of Style and Comfort

While Side Kicks shoes are both stylish and practical, if we are perfectly honest, some of the shoes that make us feel awesome are about a million miles from being purely practical. Those glamorous high heels are an instant confidence boost that adds height and flatters your figure. They may even feel great to wear for a time, but sooner or later you will be glad you remembered to stash that cute pair of sidekick shoes discreetly in your purse, ready to give comfort to your tired, aching feet.

Fans of sensational Sidekicks shoes do not need to sacrifice style for comfort, even if they still love to wear heels some of the time. With the entire range of Sidekick folding ballet flats to choose from - original black to glitzy metallic - there is a look to suit everyone. What could be better for the self-esteem than a pair of shoes that not only look amazing but are also kind to your feet?

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