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What are the sizes for Sidekicks Shoes?
The Sidekicks Shoes from the original manufacturer are sold in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. The US women’s size equivalents are shown here from the information on the original hang tags:


Are there other Sidekicks shoes sizes?
There are no other sizes for this line of Sidekicks shoes. Buyers will receive the same shoes from other vendors - with the same hang tag sizes shown here - even if their store website shows a different size when purchased.

Why do some stores list the Sidekicks shoes sizes differently?
There are some stores and vendors that list the shoe sizes for Sidekicks differently than what is shown on the hang tags of each pair. While we do not know exactly why, our guess is that they are an interpretation of the sizes and a response to customer feedback about the shoes running smaller than expected.

Do the Sidekicks shoes fit smaller than expected?
While every opinion is different, our belief is that these Sidekicks shoes sizes stand as published. For most women’s feet the sizes shown here will be adequate. If your feet happen to be wider or thicker than an average foot, then you may want to consider adjusting up one size. When doing that, consider that the soles of the Sidekicks shoes get longer but not much wider as you go up in size.

Do the Sidekicks sizes really fit several foot sizes?
Yes, the upper portion of the shoe is stretchy with elastic casing near the top. This allows the uppers to stretch over several sizes.

For more specific question about the Sidekicks sizes, please contact us. We wear these shoes ourselves and we love them! We will answer any question you have.

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