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Sidekicks for Party Favors and Hostess Gifts

February 19, 2015

The Sidekicks shoes with matching carry pouch are great. So great that everyone loves them. Really, everyone. That makes them the perfect item to give as gifts.

One trend that we are seeing this year - moving lightning-fast - is Sidekicks shoes offered as gifts in a huge variety of social settings.

Sidekicks Have Saved the Day (or Night)

We shipped a large order of these shoes to be given during a Mardi Gras event that lasted all night into the following day. The organizers figured that the women would be so tired of their heels by the time the event breakfast got underway that Sidekicks would make a perfect respite. And they did! That particular event ordered more than they anticipated needing, by 25%, and ended up not having enough because every -absolutely every - woman wanted a pair.

sidekicks energy black with gold toe and matching caseWe also shipped a large number of shoes to be given as Thank You gifts at an upper-scale charity event. Guests were so pleased that funds - and dancing - were more successful than expected!

Sidekicks given to women in a wedding party - bridesmaids, moms, and all - has been a welcome gift. Walking to the event from the parking area, standing forever for photography, and dancing all combine to make those high heels get left under the table.

Where Will Sidekicks Turn Up Next?

Perhaps at an event where women will be expected to participate in an activity … say, an exercise … that would be awkward in heels.

Perhaps at an event where women will be both walking and drinking … such as Kentucky Derby, Art and Wine Festival, or Gallery Opening.

Perhaps at an event where women are walking outdoors on grass or other uneven surfaces where high heels pose an actual injury risk … May Day, Outdoor Wedding, or Renaissance Fair.

Your Guests Will Love You

A thoughtful host, organizer, or entrepreneur might have a large supply of these popular Sidekicks shoes ready for ladies to switch out of their heels. With so many colors and styles available, it is easy to match any theme or décor requirements.

Believe us, these shoes at the right moment are a gift so gratefully received that you will be hailed as both a genius and a savior of feet!

sidekicks energy black with gold toe and matching case

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