Sidekicks for the Workplace

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If you have to cover a long distance to work, during work, and after work, then you KNOW that those gorgeous shoes that perfectly match your attire are going to hurt. Sidekicks shoes offers a solution.

Sidekicks Make Commuting Easier

So easy to keep in your purse or briefcase, these Sidekicks shoes in matching pouch easily stow away and are ready when you need them. Trains, subways, ferries, busses, even ride shares are easier when your feet are comfortable and flat. The days of athletic shoes and bulky socks are over - now you can be stylish AND comfortable.

Sidekicks Make Working Easier

sidekicks original silver gun metal folding ballet flatsMany women find that changing their shoes at their desk helps to make it through the day a little warmer and a lot more comfortable. With the matching storage case, Sidekicks fit easily into your desk or locker for just the moment that you need them. Available in neutral colors that will match every outfit. The most perfect neutral: Sidekicks Original Silver / Gun Metal

Sidekicks Make Errands Easier

Today’s women take care of their families, their homes, themselves, and their communities. Running errands seems to be a never-ending necessity. Switch into a pair of Sidekicks shoes kept in your glove compartment or purse to make the run around easier on your feet and legs.

Ladies, we love our gorgeous heels. But we also know that fashion can take a toll on our feet. Get some of that toll back. Stash a pair of Sidekicks shoes in all of the places you need them most.

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