Enjoy the Comfort of Sidekicks Shoes at Your Red Carpet Event

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Awards season is getting into full swing, which reminds us that even the feet of the famous would be more comfortable in a pair of Sidekick shoes. While you are dazzled by the fabulous designer dresses and sensational shoes on display at red carpet events, spare a thought for the poor aching feet of the celebrities and other glamorous guests who may be wishing they had remembered to bring a comfy and stylish pair of side kicks to the ceremony.

Think they wear those sky high heels all the time? Think again. Celebrities can have tired and aching feet that would welcome the relief of a pair of sidekick shoes just as much as the rest of us. Before the Emmy awards last week, one guest, Australian celebrity Renee Bargh, was snapped wearing a pair of sneakers with her little black dress. They may not have been as pretty and easy to carry as a pair of foldable ballet flats, but it goes to show that smart celebrities know they need to give their tired feet a break, just like everyone else.

Celebrities Need Sidekicks Too

While we agree that the sneakers are cute, we think a pair of Sidekicks would have been an even better choice. That way she would have been just as comfortable and a lot more stylish. The wide range of side kicks styles would give her plenty of choice from the classic patent ballet flats to the show stopping Sidekicks energy shoes. And a pair of folding shoes is a lot more convenient, as she would have been able to stash her Side Kicks in her purse the minute she wanted to step into her heels.

Maybe you will not be attending any red carpet events in the next couple of months - or, hey, maybe you will. When you go anywhere in your heels, remember to take your Sidekicks with you. Your feet will feel like you won the best award of the night.

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