First Date Nerves? With Sidekicks Shoes at Least Your Feet Will Feel At Ease

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Ahh, first dates! No matter many candles you had on your last birthday cake, getting ready to go on a first date with a new person can leave you feeling as nervous. Happily, whatever else you have to think about, your feet will be well prepared as long as you remember to stash your Sidekicks shoes in your purse before you leave home. Your hair and makeup will be awesome. And whatever killer outfit you select for the big night, you will look and feel even better if you have your fabulous foldable flats ready for dancing, strolling, or any other activity might spontaneously crop up.

With Sidekicks Shoes You Are Ready For Anything

When you have your pretty and comfy sidekick purse shoes with you, you can step out in even your most towering heelssidekicks folding ballet flats in energy glitter styles with confidence. That is because you can be sure that if your feet need a rest from those heels part way through the night you can simply step out of those shoes and into your sensational Side Kicks. Instant feeling of comfort for your aching feet!

Better still, if your date turns out to involve more walking than you expected - say to some fantastic, but slightly off the beaten track restaurant, for example - your side kick foldable ballet flats will meet the challenge. Of course, at the end of your date you may have to run for a bus or cab. Just another part of the evening when you will be glad you remembered to bring your sidekick shoes along.

If you have a first date … or any date for that matter … coming up you need Sidekicks. What are you waiting for? Shipping from is fast and free and the wide selection of Sidekicks shoes available means that choosing a pair to go with your outfit will be a piece of cake. And finally: relax, smile and be yourself. Have fun and remember that your date may be feeling pretty nervous, too.

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