Can Sidekicks Help You Feel More Confident at Work?

Faith W

By now, everyone has heard of power posing to get ahead in the workplace. But what if the right footwear could get your just as far? Read on to find out!

Sidekicks and the Perfect Companion to Power Heels

I do not know about you, but when I am rocking a killer pair of heels I feel very confident. That little “click, click” of walking across hard floors? That is my jam right there. Important meeting, here I come! But you know what is not powerful? Limping out of the office and the end of the day because those killer heels practically killed my feet.  My solution? I always keep a pair of Sidekicks folding ballet flats in my desk drawer! When I need that little boost the heels give (literally and figuratively), of course I am going to rock them. However, once I reach “Mission Accomplished” I strut myself right back to my desk and change straight into my Sidekicks shoes. Now that I have the buoy of accomplishment to lift me up, the heels are respectfully retired. That way I can walk out of the office like the champion I am, foot pain nowhere in sight.

Styles Galore, So Sidekicks Will Not Cramp Yours

With so many great styles of Fitkicks shoes, it is easy to find the perfect pair for you and your Side Kicks Shoes in Original Blackwardrobe. Simply browse the collection and find what speaks to you! Maybe Side Kicks shoes in Patent Redthe subtle, classic authority of Original Black is just your vibe, or it could be the bold and bright Patent Red delivers your message loud and clear. Whatever the choice, you can now your Sidekicks folding ballet flats will never detract from your outfit, only add.

Go ahead and break out your power walk at work, just be sure you have Sidekicks shoes in your corner to back it up!

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