Considering Sidekicks for your Graduation Ceremony? You Should Be.

Faith W

Sidekicks shoes + graduation ceremonies = total win. Really? Read on.

Sidekicks Shoes and June Graduates Go Together

The time of year is upon us yet again. After hours of studying, untold quantities of coffee, and good old fashioned perseverance there is another generation of graduates who will be receiving their hard-earned degrees.

We all know the graduation drill, right? Ages of sitting followed by eternities of standing, with way too many pictures throughout. And looking cute for those pictures is often top priority. The problem? Whether you are the grad or a proud supporter, those adorable heels are going to turn on you at some point. First your feet might ache, then tingle, and then it is a quick progression to wanting to chop them off all together.

Fear not! Sidekicks shoes are here to save the day. You want to rock the heels for at least part of the time? Do it! Sidekicks are your in-purse backup, ready to tag in whenever duty calls. That’s right, when you’re not wearing them Sidekicks fit inside your purse; they are so compact no one will even notice your backup plan.

Sidekicks Available in Lots of Colors

They come in more than 7 styles, so there is sure to be one to match your outfit. Try Sidekicks Original Silver for the perfect neutral. In fact, you will find sidekicks folding flats in original silverSidekicks are so cute and comfortable you might forgo the blister-inducing heels all together and rock them for the whole day!

So don’t leave yourself high-and-dry this graduation season. Instead, treat yourself to a pair (or two, or three) of sidekicks to match your rocking outfit, and stride on with the confidence of knowing comfort and style are just a step away.

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