Shoefie Your Sidekicks: The Joy of Sharing Shoe Pics on Instagram

Faith W

Does your Instagram account include shoefies of your Sidekicks shoes?

For Sidekicks shoes fans who have become addicted to Instagram—the fun social media website especially for sharing photographs—the question will make perfect sense. The answer may be an enthusiastic: “Absolutely! Check out this shoefie of my new Leopard Print sidekick shoes!” For anyone who has yet to plunge into Instagram, the question may inspire little more than a raised eyebrow.

A shoefie is like a selfie, but instead of smiling (or pouting seductively) into the camera, you turn the lens on whatever fabulous footwear you happen to be wearing that day. Some peopleSidekicks Foldable ballet flats in leopard even update their Instagram accounts with new shoefies every time they change their shoes—which for shoe loving fans of Sidekick folding ballet flats, could be several time a day. They may add hashtags such as #shoefie, #TuesdayShoesday or #sidekicks to make their photos easier to find by other shoe fans—or they may keep their Instagram account private and only share their shoe updates with their friends.

Instagram Your Fabulous Sidekicks Ballet Flats

Many people adore Instagram, whether they are sharing photos of their pets, their lunch or their new folding ballet flats. Sharing pictures is a way of keeping in touch and telling people what kind of day you are having, so perhaps it is not surprising that so many of us love to show off our favorite shoes to the world. Luckily, Sidekick folding ballet flats are not only stylish and comfy—they are also surprisingly affordable, which means that shoe loving Instagram addicts can regularly add new shoefies of their pretty purse shoes without breaking the bank. If you are a shoefie fan, why not take a look at the full range of Sidekicks shoes available via fast shipping from and treat yourself to a new pair today? And if you take a shoefie of your sensational sidekicks, be sure to send us a link!

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