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Sidekicks Shoes are the Best Shoes for Swollen Feet

June 24, 2017

Swollen Feet Beg for the Comfort of Sidekicks Shoes

No longer shall you endure the pinch and pain of your too-tight shoes when swollen feet strike- Sidekicks shoes are here to save the day!

Feet swell for all kinds of reasons: weather, pregnancy, sprains, pregnancy, standing for long periods, and various medical conditions (like pregnancy).  Whenever the swelling starts, expected or otherwise, you know you are in for a long haul of foot numbing, toe pinching shoe pain until you can get home and kick up those poor piggies. But what if, before the next bout of swelling, you were prepared? Sidekicks shoes are your ace-in-the-hole to opt straight back into comfort.

Sidekicks Shoes Help You Ditch the Pain

Your new Sidekicks shoes are foldable flats that come in their own convenient carrying pouch, meaning you can have them on hand whenever the swelling strikes. Keep a pair in your purse, glove box, or desk drawer for immediate relief from your smaller, offending shoes. The best news? This change for comfort does not have to sacrifice your style! Sidekicks shoes come in more than 6 offerings, so whether you like kicky red or muted silver there is bound to be a pair or two for you.

Accommodating a Swollen Foot is a Breeze in Sidekicks Shoes

Sidekicks shoes are sold in size ranges, Side Kicks Shoes in Energy Silvernot traditional shoe sizes, and have just the right amount of stretch to accommodate a swollen version of your foot. Do you experience sever swelling? You might opt up a size, just to give you the extra wiggle room you need. Or you could go with our Energy line which features the stretchiest fabric upper, and therefor is the most forgiving to your tootsies in their time of need. I love these Energy Silver flats, swollen feet or no!

Do not wait for your next round of swelling to be a reminder, order your Sidekicks and breathe easier knowing you are prepared to beat the swell whenever it strikes.

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