Sidekicks Shoes are the Ultimate Bridesmaid Swag

Faith W

Let Sidekicks shoes show you what a practically perfect gift for your bridesmaids looks like (hint: it is not a monogrammed button down shirt).

Your Chosen Shoes Owned the Ceremony, Let Sidekicks Own the Reception

Your wedding is perhaps the one time you get to dictate exactly what your friends wear. And while I’m sure those sky-high heels you picked for them are going to look great for all your formal pictures, you need to cut them some slack at your reception. Gift your girls each a pair of Sidekicks shoes, the foldable ballet flats. Shoes they can actually move in assures that your whole squad will stay with you on the dancefloor until the cows come home.

The Timeless Style of Sidekicks

Whether you went boho, modern, or classic with your wedding style, have no fear. With so many Side Kicks shoes in Patent Redgreat options to chose from, there is bound to be a perfect pair of Sidekicks shoes to match your wedding theme. Just for kicks you could try pairing more muted bridesmaid dresses with something wilder, like these Patent Red Sidekicks shoes. The choice is yours, so go with your gut and it will come out looking great!

Sidekicks Shoes are Neither Expensive Nor Impractical

Unlike stuffy, impersonal, overly formal bridesmaid gifts, Sidekicks shoes are fun swag they will use again and again. Pair them with other practical choices like a favorite lip balm to create a sweet present that says “I get you.” They’ll all be so grateful, expect to hear the thank yous all night long. At under $15 a pair, you are not going to blow your whole wedding budget, either! Consider that a win for all involved.

So show your bridesmaids some love with the thoughtful gift of Sidekicks shoes. You know who else could use that same treat? You!

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