Try These Tips When You Need to Delay Changing into Your Sidekicks Shoes

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Sidekicks Shoes are Your Go-To

We know Sidekicks shoes are the answer when your tired tootsies need a break from wearing those high heels. Depending on the shoes you have picked out to wear that night, the moment when you need to kick them off and step into your sensational Sidekicks may not come until you are ready Side Kicks Shoes in Energy Silverto run for your bus or stand in line for a cab.  Alternatively, you may be ready to change into those Sidekick shoes from the minute you spot a dance floor where you can show off your moves. Luckily, because Sidekicks shoes are not only amazingly comfy but also super cute, like this Energy Silver pair, there is no reason to delay putting them on. In fact, many Sidekicks fans can hardly wait to show off the latest adorable and practical purse shoes they have ordered!

Whenever Your Are Ready to Change, Sidekicks Shoes are On Hand

No matter how stylish those Sidekicks shoes are, sometimes you may need to wear your heels a little longer than planned. Is there anything you can do to make them a little more comfortable? You bet! Try these high heel comfort tips to help ward off blisters and bruises:

Stretch and Massage

Some high heeled shoes can squeeze your toes, restricting blood flow to your feet, making them ache and cramp. That is one reason why our feet feel so good when we can finally step into a part of comfy foldable ballet flats. Stretch out your toes, massage your feet and rotate your ankles to improve your circulation.

Watch Your Balance

High heels encourage you to walk with much of your weight on your toes, which can leave you with sore feet. When you walk in heels, make sure you distribute your weight as you would if you were wearing your Sidekick ballet flats, by resting your whole foot on the floor each time you take a step.

Size Up

If you still find it impossible to postpone changing into your Sidekicks shoes at the first opportunity, it could mean that your feet tend to swell up as you walk around. Try going up half a size with your next pair of heels. That one small change could make a big difference!

Hopefully these tips will help keep your feet happy until you are able to slip in Sidekicks folding ballet flats!

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